You may have noticed your clients often use metaphors, but did you know these words are the keys to clarity and change?  Learn to take full advantage of your clients’ internalized metaphors with 

                                     Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling

Based on the work of David Grove, these counseling and coaching techniques use 12 basic questions to strategically direct clients’ attention so they can discover for themselves the changes they want and what needs to happen for lasting success. Apply them to everyday information for crystal clarity. Apply them to your clients’ metaphors, and experience a quantum leap in effectiveness, as both the wisdom and misunderstandings of the subconscious emerge to be resolved as part of a comprehensive solution.

  •  Attract and keep clients with a creative, cutting-edge approach
  •  Work quickly, respectfully and effectively with core issues
  •  Facilitate mindful self-exploration without meditation
  •  Engage clients in an experiential process, enhancing brain neuroplasticity and lasting change.

Gina Campbell offers trainings for helping and healing professionals and private sessions for individuals interested in personal development. Explore the website to learn more about this unique way of working for healing and growth!

You can begin by watching or listening to sample sessions of Clean Language and Symbolic Modeling.

  • Listen to a recent interview with Gina about Symbolic Modeling and Clean Language:
          Gina Campbell